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Everyone has battles that they must fight. Some are waged against gross injustices, and take the form of massive, life-altering events. But most are products of living in an imperfect world, middling little annoyances that are, taken individually, minor. However, over time, they accumulate, and lead to a sustained malaise. It is death by a million tiny hammers, chiseling away one's ability to summon the energy to continue to care. So, not only is one negotiating these endless conflicts, one is also fighting the desire to stop fighting altogether.

This is the world of Battle Fatigued, the second album from British Columbia's Sur Une Plage, and the follow-up to 2015’s Legerdemain. Synth-pop songs that attempt to inspire hope in a life that often makes mockery of such expectation.

Sur Une Plage is Joshua Wells and Colin McKill. The album was recorded in the spring and summer of 2017 by Joshua Wells, with an arsenal of analog and digital artillery, and comes out on the Party Product label on May 18/2018.